1-Wire Temperature Measurement System Based on ZigBee Technology

Haiming ing, Jinquan Li


By using ZigBee CC2530 wireless networking mode, a reliable and secure data network is designed. Temperature acquisition, transmission and communication with PC are realized. The 1-wire technology is used to transplant the temperature sensor DS18B20 search algorithm program into the ZigBee protocol stack code. It not only completes the temperature measurement of multiple points to be measured, but also completes the wireless transceiver of data. It solves the problem that a large number of codes need to be modified when the sensor needs to be replaced. On PC, the temperature value measured by ds18b20 can be viewed by serial assistant, and the real-time temperature monitoring can be completed. At the same time, the automatic identification of the sensor is realized, and the device can be expanded indefinitely. It improves work efficiency and saves development cost.


ZigBee networking; 1-wire Search algorithm; ds18b20


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