3D Rapid Modeling and Key Technology Analysis of Mountain Tunnel

Qiang SHI, Xu LIU, Qiang LIU, Hong-hao WAN


With the progress and development of science and technology, two-dimensional information display mode cannot meet the needs of information acquisition, three-dimensional information display mode has become the mainstream development direction of information display. Rock mass tunnel is a kind of structure body that crosses the obstacle of mountain body. Because its construction environment is in mountain body, it is not convenient for design and construction personnel to observe the construction situation and the development of tunnel at any time. Therefore, 3D MAX modeling for dynamic demonstration of tunnel space can better guide the design and construction, feedback the information from the site to the staff in time, and achieve the purpose of information design and construction. The paper comprehensively expounds the technical process of 3D modeling of tunnel structures based on 3D MAX modeling software, and deeply discusses the key technical problems. The 3D MAX based rock mass tunnel modeling is dissected through actual cases.


Tunnel, Modelling, 3DMAX, Construction


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