A Container Initial Deployment Method Based on Microservice Level of IoT

Yong-xiong ZHANG, Liang-ming WANG


The microservice architecture divides a single application into a set of independent and business-logic-specific services, and the services coordinate and cooperate with each other to provide the ultimate value to the users. Aiming at the high availability of IoT platform during the initial deployment phase, this paper designs and implements a strategy of container’s initial deployment based on microservice level of IoT platform. Through the model of microservice level on the IoT platform proposed in this paper and the calculation model of container redundancy based on the model mentioned above, the unified management of many microservices can be realized. To ensure the high availability of the IoT platform, the microservice will be deployed to the container cluster and the redundant backup of microservice will be carried out.


IoT, Microservice, Docker


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