A CMOS-based Neuron Circuit for Spiking Neural Networks with Memristive Synapse

Hai-jun LIU, Ji-wei LI, Ji-wei LI, Qing-jiang LI, Jie-tao DIAO


The brained-inspired spiking neural networks (SNNs), which can be applied on visual information processing and speech recognition, is attracting great attention especially when combined with emerging electronic synapse (i.e. memristor). The neuron, transmitting and receiving spiking signals, is a vital component to realize the biological rules of SNNs, such as leaky-integrate-and-fire (LIF), inhibitory period, winner takes all (WTA) and bidirectional transmission. In this work, we propose and implement a novel spiking neuron circuit based on complementary- metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Experimental results show that the neuron circuit can generate spiking pulses, realize lateral inhibition and change the weight of synapse.


CMOS, Neuron, Spiking, Memristor, STDP


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