Task Assignment Optimization in Photoanalysis Process: Comparative Analysis of Semi-Automated and Manual Task Management

Uladzislau YANCH, Łukasz WIECHETEK


In today’s competitive environment, enterprises strive to maintain high efficiency and quality of their business processes. This can be achieved using IT tools that allow to optimize tasks assignment and course of processes. The purpose of this article is to present the PESBAT – automation and optimization tool for task assignment, implemented in the VBA with the use of Solver add-in available in Microsoft Excel. The article presents the process of manual task assignment performed by a photoanalysis manager, components and basic functions of PESBAT tool. The main part of the article is a comparative analysis of semi-automatic and manual task division. The analysis shows that the combination of Solver algorithms and process automation through the use of macros implemented in VBA leads to time savings (20% to 60%) for task sets of various sizes and allows for more balanced task assignment, which reduces the time of order completion and improves quality of offered services.


Task assignment, Task management, Process optimization, Timetabling Problem, Person- nel scheduling, Process automation, Optimizing in Excel, Solver, Comparative analysis


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