Synthesis of Conical Phased Antenna Arrays Optimization of Amplitude Distribution Parameters

Mikhail INDENBOM, Viktor IZHUTKIN, Anton SHARAPOV, Alexander ZONOV


In the synthesis of conical phased antenna arrays (CPAA), special attention is paid to its characteristics - a high antenna gain and a low side lobes level (SLL). To solve this problem there are a significant number of approaches, in view of the variety of methods of its formulation and the methods of solution. In the present paper, the problem of synthesis of a conical phased array is solved by optimizing the parameters of a two-parameter family of amplitude distributions by the criterion of maximum gain with the limit of the maximum side lobe limited by the methods of random search (based on a swarm of particles) and classical gradient methods. To calculate the loss function, a fast Fourier transform is used.


Synthesis of conical PAA, Amplitude distribution, optimization, Particle Swarm method, Gradient method


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