Optimal Control of Convex Differential Inclusion

Alexander FOMINYH


In the paper, we study a differential inclusion with a given continuous convex multivalued mapping. For a given finite time interval, it is required to construct a solution of the differential inclusion, which satisfies the given initial and the final conditions and minimizes the integral functional. With the help of support functions, the original problem is reduced to minimizing some functional in the space of partially continuous functions. In the case of continuity of the derivative of the support function of a multivalued mapping with respect to the phase variables, this functional is Gateaux differentiable. In the paper, Gateaux gradient is found, necessary conditions for the minimum of the given functional are obtained. On the basis of these conditions, the method of steepest descent is applied to the original problem. Numerical examples illustrate the constructed algorithm realization.


Differential inclusion, Support function, The steepest descent method


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