A General Collision Tree Protocol for RFID Tag Identification to Handle the Capture Effect in RFID System

Xiao-lin JIA, Miodrag BOLOC, Yu-hao FENG, Ya-jun GU


This paper presents a simple and efficient anti-collision protocol, named General Collision Tree Protocol (GCT), that was designed to cope with the capture effect in RFID system. The goal is to ensure that all tags are completely identified including the hidden tags and missing read tags which exist in conventional anti-collision protocols because of capture effect and other uncertainty factory in RFID system. Analysis and simulation results indicate that the performance of GCT outperforms that of the other state-of-the-art general RFID tags identification anti-collision protocols. The identification efficiency of it is always above 50% no matter what the capture probability of the RFID system is.


Uncertainty factor, Capture effect, Capture probability, Hidden tag problem


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