A Linear Ultra-high Acceleration Macro-micro Motion Platform Design Based on FEM

Lu-fan ZHANG, Xue-li LI, Ji-wen FANG, Hu LI


For rapid development of microelectronics manufacturing industry, it is worth of improving acceleration of macro-micro motion platform. The paper develops an ultra-high acceleration macro-micro motion platform based on the concept of macro-micro motion platform. The platform presents a theoretical model combining with two voice coil motors (VCMs) and a piezoelectric stack actuator (PSA), which is preliminarily built by according to related performance indexes and working conditions. The static and dynamic characteristics of the macro and micro system are calculated by finite element method (FEM). Their distributions of displacement and stress are disclosed, and the change trend of displacement and stress under the different loads are revealed. Furthermore, the first six natural vibration modes of the micro system are obtained. At last, a structure model of ultra-high acceleration macro-micro concept was designed and established. These results can help provide a theoretical foundation for the reliability of the ultra-acceleration macro-micro motion platform application in the microelectronics manufacturing fields.


Ultra-acceleration, Macro-micro motion platform, FEM


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