A Comparison Research into Characteristic Waves of the Well Hole II Interface Cement Part Missing Sound Field

Dan-yan XIE, Jin QIAN, Wei YANG


Due to construction process and gravity, it forms a part missing in the cased hole cement ring during cementing. For example, in a vertical well, it often forms sector missing parallel to the well axis, or it forms bow missing in the upper layer cement ring of the horizontal well. These part missing are different from traditional cement ring circumferential missing. Study on the relationship between the II interface characteristic wave amplitude and the missing angle in the vertical well or the bow missing in the cement ring upper layer of the horizontal well. It shows that the larger the amount of part loss, the larger the first wave amplitude, which is equivalent to the thickness of the water layer in the circumferential loss. This study helps to establish a quantitative distribution law of part deletions.


The sector missing, The bow missing, The characteristic wave amplitude


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