A 65nm CMOS Ka-band AGC Design

Zhang-fa LIU, Jia-qian WU


A CMOS Ka-band AGC based on 65nm CMOS process is presented in this paper, the Chebyshev band-pass filter is used for filtering the input signal, the Gilbert structure with extended bandwidth technology is selected to for voltage gain amplifier, the current mirror structure composed of MOS tubes is employed for the voltage detector, and the control voltage generator circuit is designed based on the exponential relationship between the voltage and the current of the transistors. The simulation shows with the 1.0V supply voltage, the AGC working frequency range is between 27.5GHz and 31.3GHz, the input range of the automatic gain control circuit is between -20dB ~ 20dB, The overall layout area is around 1.15mm2.


CMOS, Ka-band, AGC


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