A Module Layout Method of Emergency Rescue Equipment Box Based on Layer Space

Yong-ming BIAN, Fei GAO, Qiao LI, Meng YANG, An-hu LI, Guang-jun LIU


Module layout of emergency rescue equipment box is a special three-dimensional (3D) bin-packing problem, whose mathematical description is that under the condition of fixed capacity, the corresponding value of equipment in the box is maximized. Through the analysis of the characteristics of the emergency rescue equipment box, three evaluation indexes, including the average height of centroid, the average distance of access and the functional distance of equipment, were proposed first. In order to obtain a more ideal 3D packing scheme, a module layout method based on layer space using genetic algorithm was also proposed. These equipments to be arranged were encoded in decimal. According to the fitness function and the objective function, the selection, crossover and mutation operations of decimal sequence were conducted. After the iteration, the value of objective function gradually approached to the optimal solution. To evaluate the performance of the proposed method, some simulations under the MATLAB were performed. Finally, the experimental results show that the proposed method can achieve a better optimization effect, proving its effectiveness and feasibility.


Emergency rescue equipment box, Layer space, Evaluation index, Module layout, Genetic algorithm


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