A Model for Slices’ Resource Deployment in 5G Scenario

Jing WANG, Sui-xiang GAO, Sai-nan WANG, Qian ZHU


Compared with 4G, the fifth-generation mobile network dedicated to provide users with personal and flexible services. The new network architecture effectively isolate the core layer and control layer, and generate component Cloud-RAN. This paper founded in Cloud-RAN and go into factors like distance, intercellular interference, and intra slice interference. Furthermore, the model firstly take into account effect of users' heterogeneous demands on network utility optimization model, will optimize radio-resource allocation scheme among different slices. Finally, the results of the deployment in the slice-free environment compared with those in the slicing environment, indicates that the slicing idea can simplify the computational complexity in the deployment of 5G network resources, and the network utility performs better in the case of rapid increase of user requirements number and complexity.


Slice, Resource Deployment, C-RAN in 5G


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