The Modelling of Middle Locomotives and Their Couplers of Heavy Haul Train and Dynamical Simulations under Pressing Coupler Force

Bin LI, Xi-hong JIN, Yong-qiang HE, Xing XIE, Wei-hua MA


To study the dynamic performance of middle locomotives and their couplers of 20,000t heavy haul combined train under pressing coupler force, the longitudinal dynamic characteristics of train’s electric braking, cyclic braking and emergency braking on straight track were calculated with the longitudinal train dynamics (LTD) simulation package TDEAS, the coupler force of middle locomotives were obtained and sent to multi-body system (MBS) model of train established in package SIMPACK, and then the dynamic behaviour of middle locomotives and their couplers under pressing coupler force were studied. The results show that under the pressing force in straight track, the vertical dynamic performance of locomotive will be influenced in certain degree, the guiding wheelsets will upload while the rear wheelsets unload, the more the pressing force is, the greater the upload and unload will be. There is less influence on lateral dynamic under straight track condition.


LTD modelling, MBS modelling, Heavy haul train, Locomotive, Coupler system


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