A Mobile Streaming Media on Demand System Based on SVC Encoding and Its Performance Optimization Design and Implementation

Fang-liang HUANG, Lei YU, Guang-en CHEN, Sheng HU


The terminal is taken by the same quality standards in the process of receiving program source once it is determined in the traditional streaming media system. This is bound to reduce the Service Quality of the streaming media system caused by the difference in terminal performance, network bandwidth and others. In view of this, we propose a SVC solution based on Bit Plane Encoding which is integrated in the Android platform. The optimized strategy is formulated according to the different needs of the end customer, the heterogeneity of the terminal equipment and the change of the network bandwidth to realize the video quality of different stream can be transmitted in real time. Experimental results show that the network environment is automatically detected by the terminal equipment, which is accorded to encode the video so that the corresponding quality of the streaming media service is recommended for users.


SVC, Bit plane encoding, Streaming media, Optimization scheme


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