A Control System Based on Microprocessor and FPGA for 1470nm High-power Semiconductor Laser

Ning-ning DONG, Jin-jiang CUI, Jian-gen XU


An intelligent control system for a medical high-power semiconductor laser has been developed. The system combines 1470nm high-power semiconductor laser and intelligent control technology. The control technique applies an ARM Cortex-M3 microprocessor STM32F103 as the core, an FPGA to drive the digital constant current source module and the power feedback loop to realize constant power control. Furthermore, the display and storage of the output data, and the driver of the touch screen are realized by designing the main control module and human-computer interaction module with the microprocessor. Finally, the Micro-Controller Development Kit (MDK) platform is used for programming. The safety performance of the whole control system conforms to the national standard of medical electrical safety.


Control system, 1470nm, Laser


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