Correlation Analysis of City Air Quality in Henan Province

Kai-guang ZHANG, Ming-ting BA, Hong-ling MENG, Yan-min SUN, Huan-cheng SHI


Based on the daily average data of city air quality index in Henan province in 2017, utilizing geostatistical analysis and spatial analysis methods, this paper studies the correlations of air quality among cities, the provincial distribution characteristics of air quality, and the spatial relationship between air quality and topography, explores the evolution mechanism and internal mechanism of air quality in the province. The research shows that: City air quality in the province has obvious spatial agglomeration characteristics, the air quality index shows continuous block distribution. The local air quality index is inversely proportional to the topography elevation, and the overall difference of the air quality index is large. There are clear interactions between cities, the air quality indices between adjacent cities have strong spatial correlations, affected by the terrain and distance between cities. There are two independent air circulation systems and five air quality correlation belts, closely related to the topographic distribution in the province.


Air quality index, Cluster analysis, Correlation coefficient, Spatial distribution, Henan


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