A Chessboard Model for Urban Anti-terrorism Based on Unity3D

Zhen LAI, Sheng-jie MAO, Wei-zheng SUN, Yan-yan HUANG


In view of the complexity in large-scale urban anti-terrorism exercises and the difficulty for intelligent terrorist NPC, this paper put forward a chessboard model for urban anti-terrorism based on Unity3D, and designed a reliable terrorist siege training system. Besides, the paper also use genetic algorithm to program the escaping route of terrorist NPC. The whole paper contains three parts, gridding of the city, the operating system designed for trainers and the AI of terrorists. Finally, the paper apply the chessboard model to a CBD of a city. The results show that the simulation system is more flexible, the exercise scheme has reference significance, and the training effect is better.


Urban anti-terrorism, Chessboard model, Unity 3D, GA


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