Optimal Antenna Deployment for Energy Efficiency Maximization in Distributed Antenna System

Hui Zhang, Yuanmei Liu, Jiawen Gu, Bin Sheng


The energy efficiency (EE) of distributed antenna systems (DAS) is varied with antenna placement. In this paper, we are try to acquire the optimal antenna location which maximizes EE for DAS. Instead of considering the three factors (antenna locations, transmit power and antenna number) respectively as before, two of them will be studied towards EE together each time, such as transmit power with antenna location or antenna number. First, we describe the relationships between the three aforementioned factors and system average capacity using an analysis expression. Second, we derive a formula of EE. Then, we make a Monte-Carlo simulation and generate some three-dimensional diagrams. Through the simulation results, we achieve the optimal antenna location while EE is maximization.


Distributed Antenna Systems, Energy Efficiency, Antenna Location, Antenna Number


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