A Highly Reliable and Efficient-Route-Recovery Routing Algorithm for Smart Grid Neighborhood Area Networks

Zengwei Zheng, Yu Zong, Meimei Huo


In Smart Grid Communication Networks (SGCNs), the Neighborhood Area Networks (NANs) locates in the middle place and transmits data up and down. The NAN routing algorithm is the key technology to determine the quality and efficiency of SGCNs communication services. Hybrid wireless mesh protocol (HWMP) is available for NAN, but not perfect. This paper explores the route recovery mechanism of HWMP and put up some improvements to it. Combined with our research on routing metric of HWMP, a new improved routing algorithm HR-HWMP is proposed in this paper. NS3 is used to simulate the performance of HR-HWMP. The results show that the performance in the packet transmission rate and network throughput has been improved.


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