Research on General Radar Data Acquisition and Transmission System Based on Windows CE

Xu-Dong Huang, He Huang, Qing-Liang Cheng, Z. Liu, Liang-Jian Jiang, Fu-Hong Gong, Xu Zhang, Xin-Yang Ji


In order to solve the problem of single interface of radar data and cumbersome and error prone operation of radar data storage, a portable general radar data acquisition and transmission system is developed. The data delivery and transmission system takes WINCE as an embedded system platform, and uses C# platform for software development. It realizes real-time storage of radar data and radar data transmission function. The precision of radar time standard can be guaranteed by using FPGA technology to use precise BD/GPS to time system time, which can not receive BD/GPS data normally. The system has the characteristics of portable, universal and strong human-computer interaction.


Embedded system; UDP protocol; data storage; network transmission


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