Microwave and Laser Fusion Energy-Transfer Mechanism Based on QoS and QoE Guarantee

Tianyi Zheng, Hongxin Zhang


Aimed at the problem of reliable power supply and power transmission of spacecraft applications, the microwave and laser fusion energy transfer mechanism based on QoS and QoE guarantee was first proposed in this paper. NS2 software was used to simulate the wireless energy transmission network and the QoS level was obtained through the second-level fuzzy evaluation. The QoE guarantee of the power threshold based on the second diffraction region was firstly introduced. At the same time, the Beer transmission and the Markov model were used to respectively transmit the laser in the adjacent space. The attenuation effects and turbulence effects were calculated and simulated. The results showed that in the adjacent space, when the transmission distance is greater than 30 meters and less than 100 meters, the efficiency of fusion system increases up to 10%, avoiding electromagnetic environmental pollution and energy loss caused by excessive energy transmission, and achieving efficient and green transmission of energy in the adjacent space.


QoS and QoE; adjacent space; turbulence effect; microwave and laser fusion


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