Bus Driving Cycle Construct Based on Principal Component Analysis for Lanzhou City

Yifan Ji, Cuiran Li, Jianli Xie, Yang Wang, Wenqian Guo


The construction of city bus driving cycle is the key to improve traffic efficiency and transportation capacity. In this paper, the data acquisition parameter model is established by taking the Lanzhou city as an example. The data collected from the vehicle recorder are divided into several kinematics sequences. The eigenvalues of these sequences are investigated by principal component analysis and cluster analysis with SPSS tool. Based on the correlation coefficient of collected data from five typical bus lines for more than one month, three representative kinematic sequences are selected to construct the bus driving cycle for Lanzhou city. Experiments show that: 1) The bus driving cycle for Lanzhou city has the characteristics of less uniform time, low average speed and frequent acceleration and deceleration; 2) There exist large differences in bus driving characteristics between the European ECE15 driving cycle, commonly used in the China's urban roads and that of Lanzhou city.


Driving conditions; Data acquisition; Principal component analysis; Cluster analysis


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