Diffusion Clustering Routing Protocol (DCRP) in Wireless Sensor Networks

Yinghong Liu, Yuanming Wu


With the popularity of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), it is high time to solve the tough problem of isolated nodes. To avoid isolated clusters effectively, we proposed Diffusion Clustering Routing Protocol (DCRP). In this scheme, clusters are diffusing outward from the base station (BS) hop by hop. BS and the one-depth sensor nodes form the first cluster and then new cluster heads (CHs) are selected from the member nodes of existing clusters. Moreover, the optimal CHs equation (1) consist of three factors of the number of neighbor nodes, depth and residual energy. DCRP realizes the communication between neighbour CHs without the help of relay nodes and makes energy consumption equilibrate among CHs during data transmission, prolonging the lifespan of WSNs with low transmission delay. Table 1 shows that DCRP extends the lifespan of WSNs by 65%, 16% and 10% respectively compared with DEBR, EEUC and MOCH.


wireless sensor networks; diffusion clustering routing protocol, isolated CHs; lifespan of WSNs


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