A Stacked Broadband Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna

Boya Zhang, Zhengjun Li


This article presents the design of a innovative stacked structure of a wideband
circularly polarized microstrip antenna. The circular patch design with L-probes feed technology and four reverse-phase feeding technology broadens the antenna impedance bandwidth and circularly polarized bandwidth. two antennas are stacked longitudinally, both upper and lower layers of antennas are fed by probes. The impedance bandwidth is effectively doubled, and it can continue to stack and further expand the bandwidth. The direction of the maximum radiation of the whole working band is the same and points to the reflector antenna, makes it possible to maximize the utilization of radiation energy and is more suitable for feeding antennas. The simulation results shows that the antenna possesses an impedance bandwidth of 81.4% (VSWR<2), the axial ratio is not greater than 2.8dB, and the peak gain of the antenna is 10dBi.


Patch Antenna; Broadband; Circular Polarization


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