Resource and Interference Minimization Channel Allocation in MCMR Networks

Xiaohui Zhou, Tao Peng, Yueqing Xu, Gang Li


Multi-channel multi-radio (MCMR) network has always been a hot topic for researchers, as MCMR network can significantly increase network capacity and reduce interference by utilizing multiple non-overlapping channels simultaneously over different interfaces. Although the advantages are obvious, the complexity of network management for MCMR networks is also on the rise. In this paper, we focus on the traffic-independent channel allocation with the goal of dedicating as few interfaces as possible, to achieve baseline connectivity. An algorithm called Resource and Interference Minimization(RIM) is proposed in this paper. It adopts a distributed method to ensure network connectivity while minimizing resources and interference. So that the RIM algorithm is able to adapt to any traffic changes in MCMR network. 1


MCMR Networks, Channel assignment, resource minimization


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