Interference Modeling and Analysis of LoRa Network

Zhiyu Nie, Lingyun Jiang


With the rapid development of Internet of Things, low power wide area networks have attracted much attention from both industry and academia. In this paper, we investigate the interference issue with the coexistence of LoRa nodes. For this purpose, we adopt Poisson cluster process to model the location of the LoRa nodes and use Poisson point process to model the distribution of non-LoRa nodes. On the other hand, we divide the distance range within the same LoRa network, based on the fact that different spreading factors can extend the transmission distance. By doing this, we can get more comprehensive analysis of the node interference. For the whole network, we analyze coverage probability of the desired node in the network to measure its performance and study how the number of nodes affect area spectrum efficiency. The final simulation results can provide a guidance for the practical deployment.


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