The Research and Design of Intelligent Safe-driving Detecting System Based on the Eeg Sensor

Yan-ling Zhou, Si-cheng Zhang


The intelligent safe-driving warning system can detects the brain wave signal of the driver through the eeg sensor and analyze the current mental state of the driver. It can process the the eeg data of the different types. It can reduce the noise of the collected brain wave data resulted in the outside factors. The small packet data can be received and analyzed by the Bluetooth receiver. The large packet data can be dealt with and analyzed by the eSense algorithm. The data of concentration and distraction can be extracted from the brain wave signal data. And then, judging the degree of the concentration and distraction, it can roughly determine the brain activity. The eeg wave signals can communicate via Bluetooth and be sent to the client and processed. At the same time, according to the set benchmark of the client, it can analyze and judge the driver’s current mental state and decide whether to remind the driver of the driving safety finally.


Eeg sensor; brain wave signal; Bluetooth; Microprocessor base station; Intelligent driving


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