LAA: On the Pulse of 5G Cellular Network

Dan Ye, Lin-Shan Lee, Kwang-Cheng Chen,


5G cellular network will drive towards higher energy efficiency, lower latency and higher reliable wireless networks. The key contributions can summarize as follows: (1) this paper depicts the blueprint of Licensed Assisted Access on the roadmap of 5G cellular network. (2) constructs upper bounding and lower bounding models in 5G cellular networks based on network equivalence theory, (3) employs a decoupling method to decompose future 5G heterogeneous networks into decoupled multiple-access channels and broadcast channels, (4) proposes a feasible method to compute the expected rate and approach the optimal capacity region by upper and lower bounds in 5G cellular network. This paper employs network coding to augment the throughput and flexibility of 5G cellular network.


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