Local-Interference-Exchange Based Maximum Weighted Independent Set Algorithm for D2D Communication in Cellular Network

Mingxin Wang, Tao Peng, Zhiqiang Qi


Device-to-device communications bring potential benefits for improving network performance but also lead to interference problems in D2D, D2C (device-to-CUE), C2D (device-to-CUE) of cellular network. Effects of recent studies on these issues are constrained by high signaling overhead, fairness and global information exchange. To overcome such problems, a Local-Interference-Exchange based Maximum Weighted Independent Set (LIE-MWIS) Algorithm is proposed. We first design a reasonable weight for each D2D link and find out the optimal independent set that can communicate simultaneously, which significantly reduces the interference between D2D links. Furthermore, a Time Slot Round Robin (TSRR) scheduling scheme is proposed to improve system coverage and fairness. To find a suitable solution of interference of C2D and D2C, we modify the weight design by charging D2D links for its interference to BS and adding influence of CUE interference on D2D links. System-level simulation results are provided to validate that the proposed scheme not only makes improvement in spectral efficiency and fairness, but also reduces signaling overhead compared with other interference control algorithms, especially in densedeployed scenario.


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