Inverse Dynamics of Vehicle Minimum Time Maneuver Based on Optimal Control

Yingjie Liu, Fapeng Shen, Ruiyan Liu


The paper described a method for inverse dynamics of vehicle minimum time maneuver problem. A new optimal control algorithm for minimum time maneuver was proposed. First of all, pre-optimization is executed. That is, using hybrid optimization method for optimization obtaining the optimal solution of the design variables at each time point in case of rough discretization. And then the pre-optimization results of a whole range of one-dimensional are interpolation calculated to obtain the initial value of the design variable in the case of finer discretization. Finally fine-optimization is operated to obtain higher accuracy calculation results. The algorithm is not only precise, but can also solve the inverse dynamics of vehicle minimum time maneuver optimization problem robustly, and can obtain the optimization results satisfying the accuracy requirements with less computation.


vehicle dynamics, variable-fidelity sequential optimization, minimum time, inverse problem


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