Research on Rubidium Atomic Clock Disciplined Method Based on LabWindows/CVI

Ran Yan, Jianfeng Wu, Yonghui Hu, Xu Liu


With the increasing demand for stable, accurate and reliable frequency standard sources in the field of measurement and control, rubidium atomic clocks with strong environmental adaptability and low price are widely used but are limited by long-term frequency drift. In this paper, 1PPS signal as the reference signal provided by the National Time Service Center, and a rubidium atomic clock frequency automatic calibration system was designed and implemented. Experimental results show that, the clock difference is less than 8ns between the rubidium atomic clock and the master clock of the NTSC, the Modified Allan Deviation is 1.83E-12@100s, and 2.70E-13@10000s. The experiment proves that the self-calibrating frequency system gives rubidium atomic clock a good accuracy and long-term stability.


LabWindows/CVI; rubidium atomic clock; time and frequency


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