Research on the Control Channel in New Radio System

Yanwen Wang, Shifang Wang, Wenhao Liu


The transmission method of the control channel is designed for the new radio system. Firstly, the pilot channel is used in the demodulation control channel and the control channel adopt the same precoding. And then, the control channel uses a diversity transmission mode. Secondly, the control channel is dispersed in the frequency domain resources. The dispersed granularity changes with the different aggregation level. The high aggregation level has large scatter size, and the low aggregation level has the smaller scatter size. Thirdly, the pilot distribution is adjusted with the variation of cohesion. The low density of the low polymerization grade is dense, and the pilot density of the high polymerization grade is sparse. The principle and performance of the scheme are analyzed in theory. Also, the simulation results verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the scheme.


control channel; precoding; aggregation level; new radio


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