Research and Application of Locating Factors Based on iBeacon Technology

Yungang Wei, Yulin Wu, Lin Wang, Xiaoming Zhu


In view of the shortage of most current research results on the basis of iBeacon localization technology based on the ideal single static environment, the problems in positioning based on iBeacon technology are analyzed and summarized through a large number of experiments. The research problems include: the impact of the iBeacon parameter configuration on iBeacon positioning, including the effect of transmit power of the iBeacon, the configuration of the transmit interval , and the factory error of iBeacon device on the positioning of the iBeacon; iBeacon's power consuption factor analysis, including the impact of transmit power, transmission interval, temperature sensing interval, inductance interval on iBeacon power consumption; RSSI correction, including RSSI attenuation analysis and the use of window to correct the RSSI; mobile device adaptation, including the comparison of RSSI reception between different Android terminal, adaptation methods and cost. And give the solutions of part of the above problems, and achieve the campus positioning system.


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