Analysis and Application of Campus Student Location Data

Yungang Wei, Dan Yang, Shuaishuai Zhao, Xiaoming Zhu


Since universities gather a large number of students, they can generate a lot of location data every day. By analyzing rules found in these data, it was found that the regularities can not only provide individualized service for students, but also facilitate the management of students and public resources in schools. Based on iBeacon equipment and mobile terminal Bluetooth, wireless communication can be achieved on campus precise positioning. In this paper, user location data were obtained by this method, and processed and analyzed. Results are visualized by tools like Baidu Map API, and so on. Based on the previous application of data analysis on user location, this paper probes into the application of the analysis of campus students ' position data in personalized recommendation, personalized service, public security, student management and management and dispatch of public resources.


location-based services (LBS), Location data analysis, iBeacon, Baidu Map API


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