Power Allocation Criteria for Distributed Antenna Systems with D2D Communication

Xingquan Li, Chunlong He, Jihong Zhang


In this paper, we discuss two different optimization objective problems for distributed antenna systems (DAS) with D2D communication. The first objective problem is maximizing spectral efficiency (SE) of the DAS with D2D communication under the constraints of the minimum SE requirements of DAS and D2D pair, maximum transmit power of each remote access unit (RAU) and maximum transmit power of D2D transmitter. We use the subgradient iteration approach to obtain the optimal power allocation and summarize the algorithm. The second objective is maximizing energy efficiency (EE) of the DAS with D2D communication under the same constraints as the first problem. We firstly exploit fractional programming method to transform this difficult problem into an equivalent objective function with subtract form, and then we use the similar method like first problem to obtain the optimal power allocation for the equivalent problem. Simulation results are illustrated the SE and EE of the DAS by using D2D communication are much better than DAS without D2D communication.


Distributed antenna systems, Co-located antenna systems, D2D communication, Spectral Efficiency, Energy efficiency, Power allocation


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