The Development and Evolution of Chinese Culture Communication Research Based on Social Network Analysis

Song-liang GUO, Li LI, Jing XUE, Jin-xue LI, Tian-tian XIAO


By using the methods of bibliometrics and social network analysis, this paper studies the evolution and development of cultural communication by keywords, we are trying to dig out the hot spots and development trends in the field of culture research. Taking the core periodicals of Chinese knowledge network as the database source, the data mining and correlation analysis are carried out by the methods of artificial screening, keyword cooccurrence, bibliometrics and social network analysis. A total of 5814 articles on cultural transmission were retrieved. The overall number of the papers showed an exponential growth trend. The development of cultural transmission was divided into five stages, the characteristics of each stage are prominent and the content of research in various stages has changed obviously. The content of cross-cultural communication, communication strategy and traditional culture has always been the focus of research.


Culture communication, Development trend, Intercultural communication, Bibliometrics, Social network analysis


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