A Gesture-based Augmented Reality System at Mobile Terminal

Meng-ting XIAO, Zhi-quan FENG, Tao XU, Xiao-hui YANG, Chang-sheng AI, Wei XIE


The combination of Augmented Reality (AR) technology and gesture recognition has become increasingly important in the educational system. In the smart classroom application scenario, the virtual three-dimensional complex model is combined and interacted with real hands based on augmented reality technology. The main contribution of this paper is to determine the coordinates of the five-finger tip of the hand, and calculate the initial length from the center of the 3D model. When the distance between five fingertips and three-dimension mode is shorter than the initial length during the process of fingers grasp, the three-dimension mode will get smaller. Light interaction is achieved by establishing the relationship of the two spatial models with coordinates. AR is achieved under Vuforia, and the three-dimensional model gradually becomes smaller with the five fingers grasping. The proposed method is used in an Intelligent Teaching System and run at the mobile terminal. The experimental results show that the proposed method works well in ITS.


Augmented Reality, Gesture recognition, Vuforia, Light interaction


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