A Highly Automatic Petrogeochemistry Diagram Plotting and Analysis System Based on MVVM

Mingguang Diao, Danning Zhao, Tao Xue, Wenji Li, Nawei Zheng


A new software, GeoDrop based on the Petrogeochemistry experts’s practical working methods, is developed to implement Petrogeochemistry diagrams’ plotting and analysis automaticly. System takes the Petrogeochemistry parameters and diagrams as the process objects. The method is to intersect Petrogeochemistry and computer software technology. By analyzing the characteristics of two-variable and three-variable diagrams, it divides data calculation into three types, including major and trace elements’ related parameters calculation, major and trace elements’ standard mineral calculation, and isotope calculation. For plotting, system can be used for volcanic rocks, intrusive rocks, sedimentary rocks and so on. For extension, system also supports customized diagram types. All these above functions in GeoDrop can help users implement data processing, analysis and automatic plotting quickly.


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