The Implementation of a Fast RMD Method for Audio Video Coding Standard II(AVS2)

Jianbin Zhao, Yunyao Yan, Xiao Liu, Lei Cheng, Wei Yan


Intra prediction is the most important part of intra coding that could remove spatial redundancy to enhance the efficiency of video compression. This paper proposes a novel algorithm to speed up intra mode selection and reduce time consuming for AVS2. The proposed algorithm adopts sobel operator to obtain the texture orientation of the predicted unit (PU), selecting 11 possible modes that is adjacent to the angle of PU. Then these modes and four special modes are handled by Hadamard transformation that select 9 modes from all modes to form the candidate pattern list. Overall, it could reduce about 30% encoding time with about 0.5% loss of BD-PSNR for 1080p resolution.


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