Image Enhancement Based on Improved Antlion Optimization Algorithm

Wen-yan GUO, Xuan ZHANG, Ke-xin LIU, Jiao-jiao ZHANG


Swarm intelligence based image enhancement method is an important method to improve the image visual effect. In order to improve the image enhancement algorithm based on the antlion optimization, a quadratic interpolation technique is introduced to improve the image enhancement algorithm of the antlion optimization method which has the disadvantages of slow convergence speed and low computational accuracy. The new algorithm uses quadratic interpolation to accelerate the convergence speed of ant population and antlion population, to balance the global and local searching ability of the antlion algorithm, so as to improve the estimation precision of the optimal parameters in the incomplete Beta function and improve the image quality. The two evaluation indexes verify that the new algorithm is better than the contrast algorithm in statistical meaning, and extend the research of the antlion optimization algorithm.


Image enhancement, Antlion optimization, Quadratic interpolation, Swarm intelligence algorithm


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