Inverse Cuckoo System Based on Adaptive STEP Length of Simulated Annealing Strategy

Xue-jun WANG


A new bright spot in the field of heuristic intelligent algorithm, which is simple, efficient, random search path, and successfully applied to real problems such as engineering optimization. However, the CS algorithm also has the disadvantage of lack of search vitality and slow search speed. Based on the lack of this paper proposes a reverse cuckoo algorithm based on simulated annealing strategy, on the basis of the cuckoo algorithm based on simulated annealing strategy of adaptive adjustment of step length, improve the performance of the algorithm, the algorithm is compared with a traditional cuckoo algorithm not only better for global optimization and convergence speed had the very big enhancement. The algorithm is used to compare the classical test functions, and the simulation results show that the algorithm has better global best searching ability and the searching speed is also greatly improved.


Cuckoo algorithm, Adaptive step length, Simulated annealing strategy, Combinatorial optimization


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