A Finite Set Recognition Algorithm of LDPC Coding by Using Soft Decision Sequence

Lu-wei LUO, Ying-ke LEI, Ding-li CHU, Xi-chang LIAO


Aiming at Finite set identification problem of the channel encoding of LDPC code identification system, a novel coding identification algorithm for LDPC Codes using Soft decision sequence is proposed in this paper. The algorithm will introduce the relation of encoding check log-likelihood ratio(CLLR) to receive soft decision sequence. By analyzing statistical characteristics of CLLR, an identification algorithm using the MMSR decision will be proposed and then LDPC closed set identification will be completed. The algorithm comprehensively uses the statistical characteristics of the mean and variance of the data, and effectively avoids the defects of the traditional algorithm, when the identification effect is not ideal, under the low signal to noise ratio(SNR). From the simulation results, the algorithm is significantly better than the existing algorithm under the closed set application mode of a priori coded set, and the identification gain can reach 2 dB to 5dB in low SNR environment. Moreover, for the identification of high bit rate LDPC code, the identification effect of this algorithm is obviously better than the existing algorithm.


LDPC code, Finite Set Recognition, Check log-likelihood ratio


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