Optimization of T-MAC Protocol in WSN Based on Minimum Contention Window

Xiao-min FENG, Chong SHEN, Kun ZHANG, Han-wen LI, Qian GAO, Cheng-xiao WANG


Considering the issue of energy consumption caused by idle listening, collision retransmission and control consumption of MAC layer in wireless sensor networks, this paper introduces an improved MAC protocol based on the minimum contention window on the foundation of S-MAC and T-MAC protocol. The proposed protocol distinctively calculates the minimum contention window according to the position of the node in the network to contend channel, and adjusts the size of the window by changing the window coefficient in accordance with the congestion. Combined with redefinition of the time interval 'TA' in the T-MAC protocol, listening and sleeping time is also optimized. The simulation results demonstrate that the protocol proposed in this paper ameliorates the performance under the congestion of network in terms of throughput, time delay and energy consumption to some extent, so as to satisfy the real-time transmission and decrease energy consumption. Eventually the efficiency of network transmission is improved.


Wireless sensor networks, T-MAC protocol, Minimum contention window, Back-off algorithm


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