Study on D2D Relay Transmission Algorithm in Cellular Networks

Chang-fu DONG, Zhen-zhen WANG, Yi-hui WANG, Ran LI


The introduction of Device-to-Device (D2D) communication technology can effectively improve the utilization ratio of spectrum resources of cellular networks. However, when D2D communication multiplexes cellular spectrum resources, the cellular signal and D2D signal would not be obtained by cellular user or D2D receiver due to the interference between cellular signal and D2D signal. To solve this problem, a D2D relay transmission algorithm based on complex field network coding (CFNC) is proposed in this paper. Specifically, as CFNC is adopted in the relay node to encode the received cellular signal and D2D signal, cellular signal and D2D signal are recovered respectively by the D2D receiver and the cellular user with maximum likelihood detection. Performance analyses and simulation results show that, compared with the traditional D2D transmission algorithm, the proposed algorithm can significantly improve the system achievable rate, and moreover reduce the outage probability.


Device-to-Device communication, Complex field network coding, System achievable rate, Outage probability


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