The Impact of Private Investment in Public Expenditure on Economic Growth in Jiangxi Province—Empirical Analysis Based on State Space Model and SVAR Model

Yong-bing YANG, Meng-shi DING


In order to study the impact of public spending on private investment and its role in economic growth in Jiangxi Province, the article first analyzes the relationship between them theoretically, then analyzes the effect of public expenditure on private investment in Jiangxi Province by constructing state space model, and then tests the dynamic of public expenditure through private investment on economic growth by constructing SVAR model. Finally, according to the above research results and the situation of Jiangxi province, it is suggested to improve the public expenditure in Jiangxi Province from three aspects: innovating investment and financing mode, introducing competition mechanism and lowering the threshold of state-owned monopoly industries.


Public spending, Private investment, Economic growth


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