3D Geological Modelling and Prospecting Prediction of the Pulang Porphyry Copper Deposit, Yunnan Province, China

Yue SUN, Gong-wen WANG, Zheng-le CHEN, Jia-yong PAN, Feng-bin HAN, Shan-chu HAN


In this paper, we propose 3D model and prospecting application of Pulang copper deposit which is a typical super large scale porphyry copper deposit in Yunnan, southwest China. Geological, geophysical and geochemical data have been collected and integrated in a spatial database in order to model the surface and sub-surface geological bodies of the study area. 3D structure model of Pulang porphyry copper deposit (11.0 km × 5.0 km × 1.8 km) is established on the basis of these data defining temporal and spatial relationships among geological objects. The 3D grade property model of KT1 (the main orebody) is used to reflect the distribution of copper element in space and to infer or deduce the extension of orebody. In view of the nature of the mineralization, tectonism, multi-phase porphyry rocks, and wall-rock alteration, the deeper levels of KT1 at its northern and eastern limits are potential target zones for prospecting.


3D structure model, 3D attribute model, Ore-finding and prediction, Pulang copper deposit.


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