Virtual Fashion Show with HTC VIVE

Xing GAO, Meng CHEN, Shi-hui GUO, Wen-qian SUN, Ming-hong LIAO


Virtual cloth demonstration has great potential in digital cloth design, and thus has been discussed a lot in academic community. However, limited by the display hardware, existing systems are lack of immersion which affects users’ experience a lot. Recently, the emergence of head mounted display system such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive provides a possible manner to solve the problem. This paper proposes to build a virtual fashion show system to simulate a real show based on HTC Vive. The system use software of unity3D and 3DMax to model the stage scene, lighting, music and character models, clothing to reproduce the real stage maximally, which can give users a high degree of immersion. Simultaneously the system allows users to use the HTC Vive handle to interact with the system, including changing the angle of view and selecting the shape of the stage, lighting, clothing and adjusting the style of model shape. A variety of built-in data (including motion capture data, clothes and human model templates) can intelligently recommend module to meet user needs, which could create a customized fashion show.


Virtual Reality, Fashion show, HTC VIVE.Text


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