Analysis and Implementation of Intelligent Commuter Bus System and Its Application Perspectives

Xiao-hong QIAN, Chun-yan LIU


At present, many enterprises are continuously facing the problem that commuting costs are high and some employees of small enterprises have no commuter buses to use. In this paper, we proposed the intelligent commuter bus system by integration of intelligent community and industrial park resources to utilize commuter buses more effectively and conveniently. This system was developed for intelligent commuter demand. We designed the five-layer architecture to achieve intelligent commuter platform. To effectively reduce the influence of the stochastic ant colony algorithm on the commuter bus route optimization and reduce the complexity of solving the commuter bus optimization problem, this paper designed a commuter bus route optimization algorithm based on Dijkstra and ant colony algorithm. For comparison, this paper made concurrent testing of the developed system, and evaluated its application effect, adaptability, which helps to further validate the approach and application system development and estimate its perspectives.


Commuter bus system, Architecture, route optimization, Cost minimization, Internet of things (IOT).Text


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