Correlation Analysis of Elevation and Slope in Henan

Kai-guang ZHANG, Ming-ting BA, Hong-ling MENG, Yan-min SUN


Elevation and slope are the important indexes to describe the regional geography, which affect the local temperature, illumination conditions as well as soil water conservation capacity to a great extent, determine the ways and directions of regional land use. Based on the digital elevation model, the paper utilizes spatial analysis method to calculate the slope and the correlation coefficient of elevation and slope, and analyzes the spatial distribution characteristics of elevation and slope, studies their spatial relations in Henan province. The results show that: Henan is dominated by medium and low elevations, with the increase of longitude, the maximum elevations show three steps that gradually decrease, the mean and minimum values decrease. With the increase of latitude, the maximum elevations show the characteristics of the three steps range of low high medium, and the mean values show two connected parabolic characteristic. Henan is dominated by low slope, with the increase of longitude, the maximum and mean of slopes gradually decrease, and the local fluctuation is obviously higher than that of elevation. With the increase of latitude, the maximum slope gradually increases, the trend of mean in latitude is similar with the pattern of the elevation, but there are obvious differences in local changes. The correlation between slope and elevation is weak, the elevation and slope is negatively correlated in the region above 1870m. The slope change is more obvious in the regions with low and high elevation regions. With the increase of elevation, the mean and variance is increasing. The topographic relief is obvious in the region below 200m and above 1870m, respectively shows concave geomorphic feature and convex geomorphic feature.


Digital elevation model, Elevation, Slope, Correlation coefficient.Text


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